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We are specialized in shipping and storage of goods for our clients. We provide a full range of services including: Land, sea and air transportation, preparation of documents, warehousing, booking, consolidation, and cargo insurance. Our network of agents and associates cover all the globe to make sure your shipment is reliably taken care of.

Freight Services

We are Lebex the Freight Forwarders specialized in Shipping and Freight with experience exceeding 20 years.

What does that mean to you?

We advise our clients on how to move their goods most efficiently from one destination to another to comply with export documentation and shipping requirements. Our extensive knowledge of documentation requirements, regulations, transportation costs and banking practices can ease the shipping process to get your shipment to it's intended destination with the minimum hassle.

Whether the shipment is large or small, light or heavy,  we take care of it from anywhere in the world  and ship it to your desired location. We will do the correct filing of export documentation, all arrangements with carriers, packing, crating and storage needs.  You do not need to deal with many of the details involved with the logistics of exporting your cargo. In addition, our rates are modest for our services and we have access to shipping discounts. Given the years of experience and constant attention to detail it is a good investment to use our services.


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